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Ron Paul for President

In Politics on February 3, 2008 at 10:47 am

In light of Super Tuesday this week (on my 37th birthday, no less), I feel compelled to own whatever influence I may have in the blogosphere and endorse the candidate I believe would be the best choice for America. After months of discussion and thought, the candidate I will be voting for (both this Tuesday and in November) will be Ron Paul.

In my analysis, Ron Paul best lines up with my understanding of what a democratic society organized under limited government for the defense of its citizens should be. I appreciate his commitment to the sanctity of life, affirm his support for greater parental rights in education (whether private, public, or homeschool), and say “yea and amen” to his principled Constitutional approach to lead by virtues instead of values.

If there’s an issue on which I see things differently from Ron Paul, it is immigration, not because I am opposed to secure borders or visa enforcement, but because I do not see how, realistically and practically speaking, some degree of amnesty for those already in the country will not need to be part of a true solution.

That said (and despite my doubts he can actually win in the media-driven, money-grabbing extravaganza known as our democratic process), my hope in going out on a limb here is to simply share my perspective, encourage you to engage in your own process, and, if you’re looking to align yourself with someone who’s voting for Ron Paul, to be one to give you permission to do so.

Ron Paul for President in 2008.

  1. constitution ftw, craiggers. ron paul is the only candidate whose platform is based on anything besides a personal opinion (which is almost always based on who’s funding this campaign, anyway). i’ve seen a great parallel between the relativistic, standard-evasive candidates and a similarly principled(?) culture we live in today. there are so many sides discussed on the issues, though looking at the constitution’s allowance of federal authority, many of them shouldn’t even be issues on this level. ron paul is the only candidate who looks at the constitution and determines a course of action according to it.

    and even if he doesn’t win, he has aroused in many young voters a new expectation of government and i consider that to be pretty powerful in itself. now if only said voters can grow out of the potential disappointment and not sink into hopelessness for future elections.

  2. Even if he doesn’t win, it is important that his ideas are getting the exposure. It is time that people get reacquainted with our constitution again. It is sad to hear so many people say how he is so radical and his ideas are kooky. I hope he runs as independent in the general election.

  3. Thanks, Craig, for your opinion. I appreciate people thinking through things and letting me know what they came up with. Seriously. And the first two comments were good, too. I’m still considering and praying, but I value your opinion.

  4. Glad to do it, Jared (and thanks to Hilker and Farah for their thoughts as well). Anyone else come to any conclusions in light of tomorrow’s primaries? You don’t have to vote for Ron Paul to post your candidate of choice here.

  5. We are also RP fans. I have a feeling that in 10 years we will all be wishing he had won this election (of course, I hope he wins this year, but it’s a bit of a long shot.) I don’t think America in general is scared enough to look seriously at his ideas. Even though we may elect a candidate running on a platform of “change” it’s not the kind of change that will really help us long term. I’m ready to experience major surgery even if it means painful changes in our economic structure and world persona. I think we’ll get a band-aid at best with any other candidate.

  6. Megan and I took the girls with us to vote late this afternoon. Voting always feels anti-climactic, particularly this year as I now watch the returns start to come in and no mention whatsoever of Ron Paul (not that I’m surprised). Still, we voted (and voted our conscience), so yea for us.

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