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Michigan, Smichigan

In Arts, Musicians, Pop Culture, Technology, Thought on January 16, 2008 at 2:00 am

Yes, I know the Republicans just had their third winner in three primaries and I should probably have thoughts, but I'm a little politicked out. These links seem more interesting:

  1. Not to be difficult, but Romney is the first repeat winning in 4 Republican primaries–he won Wyoming and now Michigan. (I don’t know why the press refuses to recognize Wyoming . . . they have as many delegates going to the Republican convention as New Hampshire??) Any ideas out there??

  2. The article goes into a little more detail, Rob; perhaps it should have been “accepting times of misery.” Still, an interesting list (and idea).
    Forgot about Wyoming, Charliam; thanks for the correction. My theory on the disproportionate media coverage is that that they think no one lives in Wyoming. Like the man in podiatry shoes, I stand corrected.

  3. this is my favorite from 100 things …
    39. The secret to happiness is accepting misery.

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