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It’s Time

In Books on January 2, 2008 at 12:24 pm

I hesitate saying this publicly, but feel that I must if for no other reason than for the corporate accountability: this is the year I begin bookwriting again.

The goal? Craft and circulate a proposal by February; sign a contract by May; write and turn in a first draft by August; submit a finished manuscript by the end of the year. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Now to find a publisher who thinks so as well.

While I have half a dozen semi-developed ideas, the priority is ThirtySomewhere (click the link for details). I was 27 when I started TwentySomeone; I’m a month shy of 37 starting ThirtySomewhere. I like the symmetry, and I need the challenge. Most importantly, Doug‘s on board, and we feel like we (finally) have a few things to say about this decade of life.

I confess I’m afraid – of not starting; of not starting well; of writing crap; of writing something great. But this is the year – I really believe that, and am planning accordingly.

So, that’s the latest – just thought you’d like to know.

  1. I can see it now: “One Hundred-Something”. Yowza!

    Go for it!


  2. Awesome– good for you. I was thinking the same thing for myself…

    Maybe we’ll trade manuscripts in a few months.

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