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In Politics, Writing on December 3, 2007 at 1:27 am


I wasn’t sure if they were going to post it online or not (the actual issue has been out for almost two months now), but my byFaith article (written in July) on the political views of twenty- and thirty-somethings in the PCA is finally up on byFaith’s newly-redesigned site. Check it out and leave a comment (there or here) as to what you think.

The other writing news is today (tonight, really), Megan and I present the fruits of our labors from the 3-month, 400-hour How Kids Think research project we’ve been working on all fall. We’ve invested literally all weekend together – writing/designing a 26-page report, detailing our findings, and periodically checking to make sure our kids know we still love them. We think we’ve succeeded at all three tasks, but only barely.

I so wish I could post the report for all to see. Megan has done a fantastic job researching and writing most of it (I’ve served more as project director/editor/graphic designer/it-will-be-alright-er), but as the data technically belongs to God’s World Publications, that’s probably not okay.

If you think of us between now and tonight, pray all would go well as we meet with publisher Nick Eicher, founder Joel Belz, C.F.O. Kevin Martin, and creative director Rich Bishop to make our recommendations and pretend we know what we’re talking about.

  1. i would imagine you all know your topic inside and out, top to bottom. we’ll still pray for you tho’. :) m

  2. Thank you! It is good to know I am not alone. Sometimes it feels that way when you are a Presbyterian who refuses to be a Republican.

  3. My editor at byFaith just sent me this link. Apparently, there’s quite a discussion (36 comments and counting) going on over at World on the Web pertaining to my piece; kind of fun to read.

  4. Hey Craig – congrats on the article. I logged in to try to read it but only got the teaser. Apparently you have to subscribe to read the rest. Wasn’t sure if you knew that. TGIF, Shelley

  5. ByFaith just turned off the full article mid-week, I guess (it was available in full earlier). I know that they’re trying to figure out their policy on how they handle web content. It looks like they’ve made a decision.

    Megan and I are subscribers, so I emailed to ask for my account information to be able to interact with those who post. Sorry it’s not fully available anymore, though the World on the Web blog summary is fairly accurate.

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