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Things I Have Absolutely No Desire to Do

In Pop Culture on November 27, 2007 at 2:00 am

Not sure why, but this category (and the entries below) popped into my mind today: 

  • Shoot and post videos to YouTube
  • Work retail this (or any) time of the year
  • Read music magazines
  • Get overly-excited about Mizzou being number one
  • Buy a house
  • Grade papers
  • Argue theology for the sake of arguing theology
  • Endorse a presidential candidate
  • Shave (again)
  • Think about I-64/40 shutting down in a month or so for a whole year
  • Write a paper codifying my thoughts on the emerging church (due Friday)
  • Get a cell phone
  • Become a church elder

I'm sure the list could continue indefinitely, but I'll stop for now. Any you'd add? 

  1. i would give almost anything, to surf or climb a mountain right now
    finish this comment

  2. clean closets, cull thro’ summer/spring clothes, clean out drawers and basement–ugh!, double ugh!
    i guess we just have too many things to maintain. too sentimental.
    i still have christmas shopping to do…not always fun during this busy season, but doable.
    hope you enjoy getting those unpleasant jobs done:) m

  3. Funny– some of the things you list are things I think of as fun (retail, owning a house, becoming a church elder). Of course, the rest of the list…
    I think I would add… clean the gutters (fortunately, that’s one of the only benefits of not having any trees in our yard); holiday shopping (the non-online variety); fund-raise my salary.

  4. ~ Climb a mountain
    ~ Run a marathon (or any other distance, for that matter)
    ~ Surf
    ~ Go to Walmart, especially at this time of year
    ~ Laundry
    ~ Ironing
    ~ Washing windows
    ~ Weeding
    ~ Grocery shopping
    ~ Meal planning
    Unfortunately, many of those are in my job description. :-(

  5. Assume the identity of Andy Riggs.

  6. Are we the only two left without cell phones?? :)

  7. Watch any film that’s a spinoff from an SNL skit.
    Write a sonnet.
    Visit the North or South Poles, or any other frozen tundra, for that matter.
    String lights on a Christmas tree.
    Clean up cat barf (or anybody’s barf).

  8. Put the kids to bed tonight.

  9. Listen to kids whine about their pancreas.

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