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Number One Way to Freak Out Freshmen

In Internet, Westminster on October 25, 2007 at 3:20 pm

So today, as part of introducing an assignment to my New Testament classes in which they are to design and create a webpage, blog, Facebook, or MySpace site capturing one of the gospels other than the one we’re studying (Matthew), I happened to mention to my students I had Facebook myself (as well as two MySpaces, and a blog).

You would have thought I told them they had three minutes to memorize Revelation:

“YOU have Facebook?!”

“Why do YOU have Facebook?!”

“Aren’t you, like, thirty, and too OLD to have Facebook?!”

“Have you been to (gasp!) MY Facebook page?!”

I explained to the students that, indeed, I had Facebook (and have for over two years), but the reason I hadn’t invited any of them to be “friends” was because I didn’t want them to think Mr. Dunham, their New Testament teacher, was a cyber-stalker. They laughed, but then some of them said they were going to invite me to be friends on Facebook…after they checked to see if I actually had an account, that is.

  1. Yes, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should join that group called “Too Old for Facebook.” Maybe we could join together…

  2. You’re more courageous than I.

    My students probably don’t even know my first name….

  3. what’s facebook? :)

  4. i’ve always wanted you to cyber-stalk me.

  5. I’ve had students at LU ask me if I’m on Facebook. I think they might be making fun of me.

  6. Fun piece by David Brooks on outsourcing our intelligence. I like his Facebook reference at the end.

  7. Well, you sure did freak me out.

  8. actually when I heard you had a face book I had always thought that it was a high school thing but after I found my old 6th grade teacher your revelation wasn’t completely unheard of.

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