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One Big Game of Chess

In Calling, Family on October 22, 2007 at 3:20 pm

Carnival Chess

Fellow teacher (and chess coach) Thom Johnston took this picture of Megan and the girls at Westminster‘s annual Carnival this past weekend. Our two oldest had a good game and played for quite a while, while their little sisters pretended to understand all the moves.

The picture makes for a good metaphor of what the next seven days look like around here; we feel like we’re playing one big game of chess. In addition to the regular daytime routine, I’ve got first quarter grades due tomorrow, and Megan and I have How Kids Think dinners with administrators tonight and Wednesday evening. I have a project proposal for my class at Covenant due on Tuesday night, a faculty in-service on Friday, and then we’re off to Miami for a series of HKT meetings with a variety of folks (teachers, homeschoolers, etc.) in south Florida.

While I’m concerned for my Queen and our little pawns, the game ends when the enemy captures the King; thus, I’m asking God to protect me (and them) and help get us all through it. I’d say the process has had us in “check” a couple of times so far, but not yet “checkmate.”

  1. Hey Craig, I feel bad that I missed you at the festival. I was mainly there for the football game and I guess we just missed each other. Good luck with the week, and I hope you get some time with God to recharge. How often do we get so caught up in furthering His kingdom that we sometimes forget who gives us the strength to keep moving along.

  2. Craig, I say you work on extending that metaphor a little further.

  3. I’ve actually coined a phrase for this, Rob. It’s called “milking the metaphor” and, if people don’t get so annoyed by it and keep reading, I plan to make millions when I publish it as a 12-step plan. Would you be interested in being an endorser?

  4. With this metaphor, I am very aware of the truthful reality that the “queen” is the most powerful piece!! :) Or as others have said, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” [Your mom would be so disappointed I said ‘ain’t’]

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