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In Pop Culture, Technology on October 16, 2007 at 4:21 pm

One student defending to another why she had “such a stupid song” on her music player:

“It’s an iPod,
not a wePod!”

Ah, the community of technology.

  1. good for her! her parents trained her well:)

  2. Well, yes and no. My thought with the post was not so much that the girl was standing up to her friend concerning her music, but rather that the iPod craze has so played into (and capitalized on) the pre-existing individualism American teens (and the rest of us) find ourselves swimming in.

    The girl’s basis of defense was not an explanation of the value or merit of the song itself, but rather that it was simply hers and therefore no one else’s business what she listened to when she put her earbuds in.

    I wouldn’t disagree with your observation that her parents trained her well; indeed, they’ve been effective in passing on a worship of personal autonomy (with the technology to go with it) over an openness to community input regarding all of life (which may include one’s iPod playlists).

    But that’s just me complicating things, I suppose.

  3. i guess my original thought to the statement was something like, “ha, nice comeback.” i agree with your thoughts on american individualistic consumerism, but it dounded to me that the girl was responding in a simple way to unthoughtful critique and being playful while doing so.

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