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Not Like Fall at All

In Places & Spaces on October 15, 2007 at 9:11 am

Attack of the Killer Leaves

No, this isn’t our yard or leaves, but I wish it/they were. Megan took this shot of our oldest during their trip to visit my sister three hours north in Illinois.

Here in St. Louis, our trees have the majority of their leaves (still green), and our yard just keeps growing. We had 80-degree temps this past weekend and, with the exception of a couple cooler days here and there in the past six weeks, it has not felt like Fall at all.

For the record, this hardly justifies the Nobel Peace Prize for Al Gore, but I do miss the chill in the autumn air nonetheless.

  1. Ughh! I’m so jealous of your sister’s yard! We moved from Illinois, and I’m really missing that crisp fall weather. And, it amazes me at the difference just 3 hours away!

  2. i’m more than just missing the crisp fall air, i’m down right angry about it, it’s going to be “unseasonably warm” for at least another week, darn republicans, it’s all Bush’s fault

  3. Sorry, Rob, but I’m going to have to call you out on this one: you just don’t play the angry liberal very well (points for trying, though).

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