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At The Pageant Tonight

In Musicians, Places, Places & Spaces on October 12, 2007 at 6:17 am

Megan and the girls are heading out of town to visit my sister and her family in Tremont, IL, and I’ve got four free tickets to the The Pageant tonight for the Ticketmaster New Music Spotlight show with local/regional bands The Feed, Red Water Revival, John Henry & the Engine, and Caleb Travers & Big City Lights.

Doors open at 7 and the show starts at 8, but I probably won’t get there until at least 9 (if not later) as I’m taking a class this weekend at Covenant. As far as I know, my friend Caleb (who I’m really going to see) doesn’t go on until last anyway, so I’m hoping to show up just as he and his band take the stage.

Anybody want to go? You don’t have to wait to go late with me (if, that is, we can figure out how to arrange a ticket drop sometime today). First come, first served (and yes, if someone wants all three tickets, that’s fine – as long as you go). Leave a comment to get in line.

Just trying to share the love…

  1. Craig– I’d love to go! See you there… oh, wait.

    We miss you guys already. I hope you have fun.

  2. Hey Craig,


    I called Caleb last night. Even though he’s listed last, he’s scheduled to play at 8PM.

  3. Well, there you have it. Thanks, Trevor. Guess it’s for the best as I had no takers anyway. If you go, let me know how the show goes.


  4. The show was amazing.

    outstanding music + sweet venue + adult beverage = great night

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