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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Jon Stewart

In TV on October 6, 2007 at 8:32 am

Jon Stewart is brilliant. Watch this short interview with Chris Matthews about Matthews’ new book, Life’s a Campaign, and marvel at how quick (and right) Stewart is (hat tip: Jon Barlow).

  1. thanks for the video of it. i only was able to find a written version (but i’m not that savvy when it comes to finding these things). i tho’t it was quite an interesting interview b/c jon knew chris mathews’ worldview better than he did!

    it was a bit scary…i know i wouldn’t want to be interviewed that way. he pulled off all the layers and gave chris no place to hide. since chris does some of that for his living (not nearly so masterfully) i can’t say i feel sorry for him. i just think he wasn’t prepared. he was expected afree pass for some reason. i’m glad he didn’t get it. m

  2. So another Jon Stewart, but your version would have a mancrush on Bono? Would Bono get a free pass on your show?

    Great interview! (w/the orginal JS)

  3. That’s really funny. I’ve wanted to be jon stewart ever since I saw him in Wordplay, the crossword puzzle documentary with Will Shortz.

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