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How Kids Think

In Education, Internet on September 10, 2007 at 2:00 am

This is going to seem a lot more about us than it really is, but if you have kids, there's a new website Megan and I would like to ask you to visit periodically over the next two months.

It's called How Kids Think.

Through the strange but sovereign means of God and Internet networking, Nick Eicher, publisher of WORLD Magazine, discovered Megan's blog several months ago and began a series of email conversations with her about helping God's World Publications (the umbrella group over WORLD and God's World News) research how kids think and how GWP might do a better job publishing to them and to those who teach them.

Somehow (I won't go into detail as to her means, but suffice it to say they were convincing), Megan recruited me as a consultant for her consulting; next thing you know we're a team, which is as it should be, I guess, as we're a team on everything else. She's doing the majority of the legwork as lead researcher; I serve as security (big "S" for the upcoming events, little "s" for everything else).

Anyway, we could use your help in spreading the word about the new blog to as many parents and educators of elementary-aged school children as you know. And, if you would, we'd love your occasional input over the next two months as we figure out how to help and with what.


  1. This sounds interesting, and like a good fit for you guys.
    I noticed on the “Live & Local” page on the HKT site that there seems to be a discrepancy in dates. The bullet points say Sept 21 & 22, but the paragraph text below says Sept 24 & 25. Maybe they are different events? But then I wasn’t clear about that either. I hate to be everyone’s editor, but I’d it hate more if your event suffered do to a typo.
    There…now you know I’ve stopped by.

  2. Good catch, Nick. Now you know we’re fallible. But wait, you knew that already.
    Seriously, Craig typed in one of those sections and I typed in the other; thus the discrepancy. It’s all fixed now.

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