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Live from Alabama

In Places on August 25, 2007 at 6:53 am

“I’m having breakfast in Birmingham
She’s in Tennessee”

– “Breakfast in Birmingham” by David Lee Murphy

In Alabama this weekend to be in the wedding of our friends, Tom and Christine. I caught the last flight out of St. Louis and, despite the standard hour delay, still made it in time for the last half of the rehearsal dinner, but little more as I was whupped. Being a groomsmen at 36 is a whole lot different than being one at 26 (not that I was that much of a wild man then).

Today we do the picture thing at 11:30, the wedding’s at two-thirty, and the reception/dinner is to follow. Megan and the girls are coming in from Nashville, where they sort of drove to yesterday to stay the night with some friends. After the festivities, we’ll get back in the van and begin the drive back north, with an overnight stop in Huntsville to see more friends. It’s a regular Dunham family good will tour.

I wish I had more time to explore Birmingham – seems like a pretty cool city with a lot of interesting history. I’d particularly like to go to the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum, Vulcan Park, and the Birmingham Museum of Art, but I don’t think time allows. I’ve spent so very little time in the south (and really, any place east of the Mississippi – my many travels have always been west or north), that if I don’t make it out of my tuxedo today, we may need to come back for a family visit in the future.

  1. Come back again! Y’all can stay with us anytime (well, except for the first week of school.)

  2. Don’t leave town without trying some B’ham BBQ. There are tons of options just keep your eyes open. They are all great in their own way.

  3. Thanks, Kristen, for hosting Megan and the little ladies – they had a good time (and you took some great pictures).

    Didn’t make it to a Birmingham restaurant, Sam, but I did have two heaping helpings of BBQ at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Guessing it was brought in from somewhere, and indeed, it was tasty.

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