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Show Me the Students

In Westminster on August 10, 2007 at 2:54 pm

The Classroom

Just finished up two more (half) days of Westminster orientation this week, with two more (full) days next week before school starts on Wednesday. I confess I’m about “oriented” out considering last week’s conference, this week’s training, and the thought of next week’s final prep – bring on the students and let’s start sinking or swimming together.

As I’ve been moving into my space, there have been students moving into theirs (lockers, that is). My classroom is at the end of the freshman hallway, and all numbers of giddy high school rookies (mostly girls) have been decorating their lockers. On Wednesday, as I was walking through the hallway, I heard one girl ask another what she was wearing on the first day (still a whole week away). The girl didn’t pause a second in answering – she already knew and described her outfit. I smirked and rolled my eyes, but then realized we teachers have been thinking about first day protocols for weeks now, so I’m not sure we’re any less silly.

The Desk

My classroom doubles as the school boardroom, which means that while I have to deal with more than the occasional unscheduled meeting during my prep periods, it’s really nice and big, complete with crisp air conditioning, wi-fi, mounted projector unit, computer, printer, storage closet, sink, and phone. Apart from setting up my desk, I’m not able to do any decorating, but that’s not that big a deal as I’m a “less-is-more” kind of guy anyway (besides, the wall is lined with class pictures of graduates from the eighties, so I feel right at home).

Class of 1989

I’ve got one more book to finish up this weekend, as well as some last tweaks on the first ten days of both the New Testament and Ethics curricula; other than that, I’m ready.

Show me the students…

  1. [Afixes dorky teenager voice] Dude, yer getting a Dell!….

    Press on, man. It will be here before you know it.

  2. Yeah, Westminster’s on PC, but it’s good to get back on Outlook (always did love that program’s email/calendar functionality). Despite what’s on my desk at school, I’ll still have my iBook nearby (hence the joy at the wi-fi), and may even end up with an iPhone if I get lucky. Here’s what I put as guideline #9 in my syllabus:

    “Cell phones and other such electronic communication devices are distractions to your (and others’) education. If a phone rings in class, I will answer it, explain to the caller that you are in class, and take possession of your phone until (at least) the end of the day. iPhone users may not receive theirs back at all.”

    I’m waiting for the first parent phone call on that one.

  3. Oh, weird…that was our ACT prep class room, AND the place where the Dress Code Committee gathered to ban all sleevless tops and shorts entirely.

    Nice syllabus. Some of them definitely WILL have iPhones. Good luck.

  4. if you end up with more than one iphone hook a brother up

    by the way I’m in Gillette, Wyoming, 1000 miles yesterday 1000 today

  5. How cool! Is it wrong to be a little bit envious? I’m sure you’re going to do great.

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