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In Family, Friends, Vacation on July 30, 2007 at 6:50 am

Craig and John

My sophomore year (1990) at Mizzou was quite a “friend year” for me. In addition to someone at the University randomly assigning Doug Serven (he of TwentySomeone fame) as my roommate, he or she also put us on the first floor of Wolpers Hall, two doors down from one John Gillman (pictured with me above). We’ve been buds ever since.

“Fish” and I have a lot in common: we both grew up on farms outside small communities; we both played and did well enough in high school sports (though neither one of us was “the star”); we both share a love for teaching and ministry (John was a biology teacher for 12 years and now pastors a small church of about 100 or so folks); we both married spouses who grew up in much larger cities (but somehow share our love for the country); and, we both can point to a distinct moment in each of our lives when we sensed God drawing us to himself, and, while we’ve stumbled at times in following, by God’s grace, neither of us has ever looked back.

Neither one of us was or is the absolute best, fastest, or smartest in anything; basically, we’re just two average Midwest boys who appreciate a clever song (especially if we can play it – we’re both musical, but neither is a virtuoso) and the simple beauty of the rural life.

This weekend, as we watched our families bond through creek adventures and the occasional trip to check the chickens for eggs, both John and I marveled at what God has done and how good he has been to both of us. Though budgets have always been tight and it’s been work to keep our heads above water concerning our callings, it’s been a gift to know someone else about as average as each of us feels is attempting to do a similar thing.

  1. Cool– nice to meet you, Fish.

    I hope to see you soon, Craig; back in STL anytime soon?

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