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In Internet, Pop Culture on July 13, 2007 at 9:27 am

Went to see Hello, Dolly! at The Muny with Megan and the girls last night. Didn’t care much for the story as a whole (no characters to really root for), but the production was top-notch and the sound was amazing. We had a beautiful 75-degree evening for it as well, so that made it nice.

Thought I’d throw out some links this Friday:

Any other links of merit/interest/curiosity/randomness worth clicking of late?

  1. while i agree that brief and cogent is an art (that i am TRYING to develop), i know that there are WAY too many things in life that have not turned out to be nice, neat and orderly. when i was younger, i could have put a lot of my “wisdom” into short sentences and a limited number of paragraphs. of course, we didn’t have email, the internet or a common use of computers then, to say nothing of cell phones. the older i get, the more i value interaction with ALL ages/generations of people from ALL walks of life. if i only dicuss/interact closely with those who are brief, precise and verbal in the ways i enjoy, won’t i miss out on a huge portion of life? i know that for ME, i would have missed out on some of the best friends i have made. in this day and age when so many people write so well, they still don’t always know how to interact in person, with real people. it’s so messy. (that’s why we don’t like to do it!) i can quote a ream of scripture to “back up” some of what i’m talking about, but sometimes it feels that people are bamming me over the head with a bible when that happens. phil. 2 always comes to mind and mt. 5-6 when i think of jesus.
    of course, we can still be brief…sermons that don’t waste words are the most help to me for sure. but when relating to people, we often have to listen to a lot of “noise” b/f we can figure out what is really going on. i’ve had some people in my life as i have aged and sometimes had trouble getting the right words out, say things like, “get to the point!” for some of us, we have to talk awhile b/f even WE know what the point is…and then it is clear. often, people like me are marreid to the brief people. that is always fun if you want to communicate clearly:) and there went my 5 sentence email. ha!:) m

  2. You’re more of a five paragraph kind of gal anyway, Martha.

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