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Yes, I Can Hear You Now

In Technology on July 12, 2007 at 11:04 am

Studying here at Kaldi’s in Kirkwood, I find myself sitting next to funny man Eugene Levy (or at least a guy who sure looks and sounds exactly like him). How do I know he sounds like him? Because he’s been talking loudly on his cell phone for the past half hour and driving me crazy.

Rude cell phone users (and you are Legion), I beg of you: when you get a call, would you do the rest of us holding books in our hands a favor and kindly lower your voice or take the call later? I respect your decision to have a cell phone; would you respect mine not to? Just a little? Please?

(This PSA/groveling brought to you by Craig’s psychiatrist/Celexa dealer as part of the “It’s All About Craig” campaign for general mental health and occasional sunny disposition.)

  1. Where’s a G.I. Joe Public Service Announcement when you need one?

  2. Perhaps you should buy a pad of these cell phone citation reports and hand them out.

  3. I saw a sign at a pharmacy window recently to the same effect “Please be considerate and end your phone conversation before coming to the window.” Amazing that people need to be told that, isn’t it?

    I briefly carried a cell phone when I was pregnant with our first and had a 45-minute commute back and forth to work about 9 years ago and was so glad to give it up. There have been a few times when it would have been nice (e.g., car breakdowns), but overall I like not being available sometimes!

    I also wonder about those brain cancer warnings… maybe you, Megan, me and a few others will be the last ones standing some day! But no one will be able to get a hold of us to let us know. Or some other cancer-causing basic-of-life will have gotten to us first.

  4. ah!! but you wish for an iphone

    why not go all the way and become a Luddite, but then you would have to give up your ibook, blog, and the opportunity for self-righteous rants about the things that annoy you broadcast to the whole world

    that being said i hate obnoxious cell phone users as well and always try to be courteous when using my phone in public

  5. the commercial at the end of your “rant” (ha! not long enough to really be a rant!) was priceless. m

  6. I hear you, Craig, but wasn’t it worth it to encounter a Eugene Levy-look-alike? I just saw “For Your Consideration” last night, and while it doesn’t merit a completely stellar recommendation, he was pretty hilarious.

  7. In case you were to go Luddite, this t-shirt would allow you to broadcast your rant relatively technology-free (although it’s currently out of stock, so don’t get your hopes up):

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