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Geek or Chic?

In Pop Culture, Thought on July 8, 2007 at 8:18 am


I just got new glasses. It was a good 10-year run with my last set of lenses and my prescription had barely changed; however, with the last Harry Potter book coming out July 21st, I figure it’s time to give up the rounded specs for some rectangular ones. I am such a slave to fashion.

My Pearle Vision associate called my frame selection “geek chic,” though I’m not sure I’ve thought of myself as either. What do you think? Geek, chic, or other?

  1. Definitely chic!! But then, again, we’re just your parents.

    Have a great week!

  2. I’ve never been so frightened in my life !! ;>

  3. Craig, I’ve shown the picture to four of us in Housekeeping and you’ve got 50/50 vote. I know that that style is very in. I bet HP has ’em.

  4. welcome to the 21st c.

  5. not that the 80’s weren’t kind to you

  6. Excellent improvement. Rectangular good. BTW, I spy with my little eye a spattering of gray? Ah, the joys of inching toward 40…

  7. More than a spattering, Chels – comes from living with five females. My goal is to be totally gray by 40, so I’m well on my way, I think.

    Thanks to Mom for the kudos, Darryl for the fear, Beirdo for the straw poll, and Rob for the mockery.

  8. Craig – Love the new you!! At first glance you reminded me of David Letterman’s music guy, Paul Schafer, maybe…… They go great with the gray. Much improved from the circles :) You look great!!

  9. Dude, don’t worry…you DON’T look like Paul Schafer!

    Keep the new specs.

  10. I actually like Paul Shaffer (though I don’t have his hairline). In many ways he has an ultimate gig playing for Letterman (no setup, etc.), but he’s also a talented musician/arranger/producer in his own right. Plus, he’s Canadian, and I like Canadians.

  11. I’m sure Shaffer is a fine person, and yes he has a terrific job, but no one in his right mind would want to LOOK like him.

  12. dude…nice. they kinda look like mine! they definitely put the fnishing touches on your svelt bod;) see ya saturday…it better be good dessert, I’m taking off work.

  13. Oh, no pressure, DC. I can promise you this: there will be nothing approved by the Weight Watchers Police.

    And that, by itself, should make for some darn good dessert.

  14. I like ’em. Very Rob Bell.

  15. Dude, were you going for computer nerd?

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