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Friday Linkage

In Family, Places & Spaces, Pop Culture, Thought on June 29, 2007 at 10:05 am

Running around today on a slew of errands: returning an overdue library book; trying to understand financial aid; doing some grading for Covenant’s Access program; getting an eye exam; etc. This afternoon, our two oldest have their final day at The Magic House camp they’ve been enjoying this week (complete with program finale, which we’re attending).

Afterward, we’ll drop all four off tonight for some babysitting by a team of short-term missionaries raising funds to go to Red Lake, MN, to work with Native Americans this summer, while Megan and I (finally, after six months) redeem a Christmas gift certificate for dinner at the Top of the Riverfront restaurant downtown.

That said, I’m not thinking too much today, so here are some links for the end of your week:

I’m going to be enlisting your help next week, dear readers, for a magazine piece I’ve been asked to write in July (details to come), so be sure to check back later with insight in tow.

Have a good weekend.

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