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In Technology on June 27, 2007 at 2:05 pm

Windows guilt? Steve Jobs as messiah? David Kuo on Beliefnet writes about Appleism – “the religion that is Apple” – and if he’s serious, blows things just a little out of proportion:

“Apple isn’t a cult anymore, it has become a full blown religion with scores of millions of followers. The frenzy around the iPhone brings to mind the clamoring throngs that greeted Jesus at the height of his ministry. There are many, many different tests for what makes something a religion. They range from belief in a higher power to sacred rituals to moral codes to sacred places. In every instance Appleism passes the test.”

Check out how here. Anybody need to confess anything?

  1. reaction of a devout appleist to the announcement of the iphone:

  2. Funny, Brit. Some interesting Christology going on there.

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