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In Technology on June 26, 2007 at 7:32 am

iPhoneThis would be about the only thing that might convince me to carry a cell phone again. Watch the 20-minute guided tour and prepare to be amazed. Whoa.

I don’t want actual phone service – just an iPhone to hold. Anybody planning to get one of these when it comes out on Friday? Can I come over and play?

  1. iWish too, i can’t justify getting one until i graduate and need a pda because i’m pastoring and can’t carry a laptop everywhere
    so i’ll wait a year, assuming i can finish 34 credits between now and then

  2. i would practically give me arm to have one of these, but they are starting out a bit too pricey ($500-600, depending on the model), and aren’t available on my cell service provider (Verizon). so, i will have to just admire from afar and hope that some day they will go down in price and be offered at verizon. but i am definitely gonna go to the apple store to drool sometime soon!

  3. New York Times review on the iPhone says the biggest problem is AT&T’s network; Wall Street Journal says the same here. According to both articles, the iPhone (mostly) lives up to its hype.

  4. I am definitely drooling on the sidelines over this iPhone. But then I read Mike Metzger’s words on this, and it brought me down to earth.

    I posted them here:
    “What might the iPhone undo?”

    I wish I had written this, it is so tight!

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