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Dinner with New Seminary Folks

In Seminary on June 25, 2007 at 2:00 am

Dinner with New Seminary FolksWe had some new seminary folks over for dinner last night (clockwise, left to right): Rick, Ian, Billy, me, Kristin, Jake (holding little Max), and Wes.

Megan did her usual bang-up job in the hospitality department, and the girls (not pictured, but still close by at their own “little ladies” table) loved entertaining and giving tours of Half Pint House.

Me? I tried to summarize some of what I’ve learned in the past two years at Covenant without sounding too much like a know-it-all.

Yeah, I know.

  1. thank you both so much for opening your house to us. we enjoyed the fellowship, food, and Max LOVES the fireman’s hat your girls so generously shared!

  2. It’s true . . . Megan is an excellent hostess!! And Craig’s girls are wonderful . . . and of course could we ever say enough about Craig?!?

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