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Like a Gun Turned on the World

In Technology on June 24, 2007 at 2:00 am

In case you missed it, PowerPoint just turned twenty years old. Despite (or perhaps because of) its commercial success, I've never been a fan. In a nutshell, here's why:

"Perhaps the most scathing criticism comes from the Yale graphics guru Edward Tufte, who says the software 'elevates format over content, betraying an attitude of commercialism that turns everything into a sales pitch.'"

Granted, any technology can be used for good or ill, but I would suggest PowerPoint has become one of the greatest dangers to good graphic design and overall accuracy in presentations the world over. Twenty years or not, friends don't let friends play with PowerPoint.

  1. I concur! I once had to put a powerpoint together for the CEO of my company. He wanted one slide per school building in a very large district (90+ bldgs). At first he only wanted a photo and the school title.
    I got that created on the 90+ slides, perfectly formatted; then he wanted to add more information – so I had to re-format every slide to incorporate the new information. This happened at least four times until it was “perfect.”
    If only there were fields in powerpoint like in Word…that would have made my job so much easier!

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