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In Internet on June 16, 2007 at 10:17 am

I’ve only had two comments in the past week and was just wondering if I said something wrong? Am I not writing about anything that concerns you? Someone turn off the Internet?

You’re usually more “talkative” than you’ve been of late. What’s up?

  1. I thought about commenting about the last post but wasn’t awake enough yet. I miss Rich, too. Also, I don’t know that song. What is it called and what album is it on?

  2. I meant to mention that I thought your “paperette” for Peterson on Predestination was good. If I were his grader, I’d probably give you a check-plus. But I’ve been busy running your presidential campaign, which is why I haven’t commented.

  3. “Hard to Get” was on Mullin’s final project, The Jesus Record, a double-disc album. On the first disc, Mullins sings all the songs onto a cassette tape recorder nine days before his death; the second disc is his band, The Ragamuffins, performing the produced arrangements of the songs, recorded post-humously. I prefer the bare-bones version myself.

    Ed, all you read was the intro to the paper, but I appreciate the hypothetical check-plus nonetheless. Thanks for reminding me that I’m running for President…almost forgot about that. We’ll be in touch.

  4. I can only speak for myself, but the formula goes:

    longer posts with substantive content + lazy blog reader = no comments

  5. Nick gets points for honesty. Megan and I have a theory that the shorter, more random, and overall dumber posts we write are the ones people actually want to read. That said, I’ll try harder…er, less.

  6. Well, it doesn’t really matter to me. I just enjoy reading comments by the big seminary guys (no offense Craig).

  7. in kindness i would say that i agree with nick. in jest i would say that i was holding out on comments to see how long it would take you to worry about it. how’s the navel? [j.k. brother :-)]

  8. Good to know you’re out there, Travis, even if your purpose was to expose my narcissistic flare-ups. But enough about me…what do you think about me?

  9. I have enjoyed the posts this week. Excuse my laziness also. I am still learning that giving feedback is a good thing for the author. Would love to hear about the ethics books as you start reading them.

  10. I’m reading…I just rarely leave comments. Sorry!

  11. Consider that many of your readers are the introverted type that prefer to lurk on the edges of the blogging world. They’re probably responding in their own quiet, introverted ways.

    Also, who has the energy to leave comments during VBS week?

  12. Reading, just not writing. Haven’t blogged myself in a while. Verbal funk.

  13. Alright, enough pandering to my insecurity. Thanks to all those who responded; I’m encouraged.

  14. But seriously, one more response.

    I agree with the shorter, dumber blog posts/comments statement. Pop culture pulls in the comments while longer, more intense posts drive everyone away (except you, apparently).

    For the record, I started commenting on the Paris Hilton post, then deleted my comments due to a fried brain. Couldn’t stand Paris Hilton for the longest time… Watching her on tv made me want to poke my eyeballs out with forks. I was infuriated when she was released from prison, but oh my goodness. The thought of her screaming on the way from court, calling for her mom to help her, was more than I could bear. Now I simply feel sad for this little girl dressed up as a 26 year old. Somehow she’s old enough to drive drunk, to have sex and tape it (then somehow let it get leaked to the world via internet), and yet she cries for her mama when the going gets rough. It’s time for her to grow up — and honestly I feel awful for her, that she didn’t figure out important lessons of responsibility before now.

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