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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s Me

In Health on June 6, 2007 at 9:07 am

As of today, I’ve lost ten pounds (10.8 to be exact) since April, weighing in at 199. My goal is to lose another ten by August 1 and a final ten by Christmas – thirty pounds total, putting me at a svelte 180. (For a preview of what that will look like, here’s a picture from ten years ago of me with friend Tim Withers; as it seems to have then, I’m hoping that weighing 180 will also make me look like I’m ten years old again).

Craig in 1998

Before coming to St. Louis, I was about ten pounds overweight (190) for my six-foot frame, but easily maintained it by walking all over Glen Eyrie and Eagle Lake (especially in the summers). I never formally exercised, ate whatever I wanted, and that was that (though it probably didn’t help my triglycerides level, as I have since found out).

Since moving to seminary, however, two years of lifting little more than books (not to mention having a 36-year-old metabolism that seems to be increasingly slowing down) took its toll, and I had gotten up to 210+ pounds. I looked and felt like Meatloaf (the singer, not the entree, though I’m sure a case could have been made for the latter).

I also think this is why I had a case of the gout (or something that felt an awful lot like it) back at the end of March, as my body was dealing with my extra weight and wanted to let me know it wasn’t exactly happy about it. Looking back, I would say that was my official wake-up call.

While I exercised a little to lose the first ten pounds, most of the weight loss has come by vicariously experiencing Weight Watchers through Megan (who has lost just over 15 pounds and counting, and looks great). Though never fast enough for my limited patience (what is?), I’ve been pleased with the results so far. More on this in future posts, I’m sure.

  1. you will be svelt.
    can’t wait to see less of you.

  2. Where can I get my hands on a copy of this photo??? Didn’t Megan plaster this one around camp or something????

  3. I’d like to clarify for the record, that the Meatloaf comparison first occurred in 1992 after seeing a photo of Craig in high school. I believe the term “beached whale” was also thrown about regarding that photo. So as you shoot for your weight 10 years ago, try to avoid it from 20 years ago. =-)

  4. Actually, Bob, that picture was from 1993 and was of our programming team at Eagle Lake. I was wearing a green sweater vest that a camper gave me, and it happened to make me look like Shamu. But thanks for bringing all that back up. I thought I had dealt with it in therapy…

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