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April Opportunity and Update

In Family on April 16, 2007 at 2:00 am

This coming Thursday, April 19th, is a big day, as I've been selected as one of three finalists for a Bible teaching position at Westminster Christian Academy here in St. Louis. My interview is all afternoon, during which I'll meet for interviews with their headmaster, the Bible department chair, and the school's education committee, before teaching 18 unsuspecting sophomores for 50 minutes on the ethics of the eighth commandment ("You shall not steal"). Though I'm not sure how much "pull" they have, the sophomores have the potential for being the most fun of the day.

Anyway, Thursday's interview is important for several obvious reasons (full-time job, livable salary), as well as for other interesting ones (because the position is full-time, we'll have to get creative as to how/to what degree I continue seminary). In some ways, the job could help with school as Westminster helps pay toward continuing education in its teachers' fields of study, but the timetable of getting through seminary in four years would most likely get extended.

So, if you pray, would you ask God with us that:

  • We would not make an idol out of this opportunity, but rather continue to trust Him for His provision
  • I would be faithful in preparing and presenting my lesson, not with the goal of impressing but of inspiring those I teach
  • We would be creative in how to continue my seminary education in the midst of whatever happens (our financial support raising ends after May)

For those interested in our family and pray occasionally for us, thanks.

  1. I did my student teaching at WCA and I really enjoyed the faculty and staff — good folks. I’ll be praying for God’s provision for the Dunhams.

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