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Hammy, Sting, and the Smiling Assassin

In Thought on February 1, 2007 at 10:30 am

Rather than explain my past month-and-a-half absence from chronicling the life and times of Learner, I’m pleased to report that he has begun a new semester, one he is enjoying for a variety of reasons, not the least of them being that he has class with three new professors he has not had before. The reading is heavy (at least in terms of volume), and the writing will be likewise, but hearing new voices and experiencing new teaching styles in communicating the content is a needed refreshment, he says.

Each of his new professors has a distinct style and personality, and Learner (who is far too aware of such things), has (lovingly) identified their more famous counterparts: Hammy, Sting, and the “Blond Bond” (also known on campus as “the Smiling Assassin”).

Hammy teaches Reformation & Modern Church History, is young, and, by his own admission (and like his hyperactive namesake from the movie, Over the Hedge), could benefit from taking a handful of quaalude sedatives before teaching in his hyperactive way. Still, he’s smart, loves baseball (always a plus in Learner’s book), and is obviously passionate about his subject.

Sting teaches Learner’s Intro to Counseling Class, is quite refined, and speaks with a British accent. Learner says he keeps waiting for the VH-1 Behind the Music crew to show up and chronicle Sting’s newest creative endeavor – teaching biblical counseling at a U.S. seminary – but that hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, Learner says, he keeps looking for a stanza or two from “Message in a Bottle” in the course notes, but he hasn’t found it.

The Blond Bond/Smiling Assassin teaches Acts & Paul, is a native German who speaks fluent English, and, says Learner, is an incredible lecturer who carries himself as more of an international academic (which he is). Impressed with both his handle on English as well as Greek, Learner is sure he must speak at least 10 other languages fluently as well as part of his covert training from the CIA, MI-6, and whatever the German equivalent of special ops is.

As he always does, Learner takes great pleasure in spending the first day(s) of class painstakingly entering every single assignment into his organizational system, dividing reading assignments across the weeks of the semester, taking note of when papers are due, and ensuring that any quizzes or exams are on his calendar. This easily takes a good couple of hours to do, but once entered, Learner lives and breathes by this system, which seems to have served him well so far.

There’s nothing quite like a new semester, he says, referencing the shelf of new required reading and syllabi and notes he’s already taken in the week of classes he’s already had. Thankfully, his schedule seems to be a little more conducive to bigger blocks of study time, and he has so far made good use of those chunks, investing them in the library reading and marking in his new study carrell upstairs.

While he tries to study in a new place each semester so he doesn’t get in a rut, Learner says he does have affections for certain locations and, when the paper writing begins, he’ll probably mosey back downstairs to his favorite Reference table, as even when the library is full, rarely does anyone sit there because of the “Reference” sign hanging above it. It’s a little thing – thinking that sign marks his own, personal “reserved” spot (sort of like having a “regular table” in his favorite restaurant) – and each time Learner walks by and no one happens to be sitting there, he smiles to himself, happy.

Suffice it to say, Learner’s new professors aren’t the only interesting ducks in the seminary pond…

It’s What I Do

In Books, Internet on February 1, 2007 at 2:00 am

Reading, reading, reading. Good stuff (especially John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress for fun at night), but a lot of it to digest and make sense of. More on some of it here later, I'm sure.

Little new to report, so I'll point you to this funny post from Seminary Tychicus regarding his new semester. I thought he'd gone Garver this past month-and-a-half, but it looks like he's still kicking after all.