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Wildwood Wisdom (part 2)

In Poetry, Pop Culture, Wildwood on February 27, 2007 at 2:00 am

More proverbial wisdom from my students:

"Like sunlight through a window is a man of wisdom's words:
a source of light where there is none."

"When you are in pain, go see your physician;
for the pain he inflicts upon you will replace your original agony."

"An only child is lonely,
but siblings create discord."

And here's one about a student whose place of residence is a mystery to the entire student body (his address is a P.O. box and he won't allow anyone to come over or follow him home):

"There is one whose roads are lost,
and the knowledge of house is hidden.
No one knows how to find his bed,
and he is content to drive alone.
Others may look and follow his car,
but we will never find his true address."

More to come.

  1. These are great! I live out in Wildwood so a couple are especially funny to me. LOVE the PO box one!

  2. Welcome to Second Drafts, Kim. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Yea for bible class proverbs! Those were fun.

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