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In Memoriam

In Thought on February 22, 2007 at 2:00 am


I said goodbye to some good friends this week – my "old school" canvas Nike tennis shoes. Even in looking at this picture, I wonder if I made the right decision; sure, the sides were blowing out and the insides were scrunching up something awful, but it's not like it was their fault.

It's mine. And I feel awful for it.

I remember buying these shoes. I lived in Colorado then, had but one small child, and was looking for something to go against the flow of the over-inflated, all-leather, multi-color astronaut shoes most stores were selling and that so many were wearing.

And then I saw them – the simplicity, the canvas, the statement they made by just being who they were. It was then and there – in the midst of those god-forsaken shoe shrines to all things bright and inflatable – that I knew: if I were a shoe, I would be one of these.

But, alas, they are no more. And if they are indeed now gone, truly they have taken at least a part of me with them; already I miss them and their classic "old schoolness" that I loved so much.

Goodbye, dear friends. You have served me well. May your soles find rest in God alone.


  1. gosh! very moving. It reminds me of when we were kids and a tree in the garden died and my mother cried. It was a tree we played on as kids , low secure branches, a beautiful cherry blossom. I couldn’t understand why she cried. But now that I am a mother I understand.
    Sorry about your shoes.

  2. Okay. Hey, Nick, what about your “trusty shoes”?

  3. Hmmm. This must be a guy thing. Ask Nick about his “trusty shoes”.

  4. This might be a little late seeing as this blurb was published in Feb. 07′- but where did you buy these shoes. If the store you bought them from isn’t around anymore or if they simply aren’t available on the racks, could anybody tell me how i could get this sneakers?

  5. I have no idea where I bought them (some shoe store in a mall in Colorado Springs). Let me know if you track some down, though.

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