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In Politics on February 11, 2007 at 7:30 pm

Now that Illinois freshman senator Barack Obama is “officially” running as of his announcement this weekend, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that, as of today, eight Democrats and ten Republicans have already thrown their hat in the ring for President in 2008. But, despite the ever-growing number of candidates coming out of the woodwork, I’m not sure (at least at this stage of the game) there’s one person I would wholeheartedly vote for who could actually win.

That said (and after a brief but candid conversation with Megan over dinner tonight), I would like to officially announce that I am running as a candidate for President in 2008. No exploratory committee, no party affiliation, no funding – just this blog and a deadline (if I can pass Hebrew by the end of the year, I should be able to finish seminary by December 2008 in time for the formal swearing in in January of 2009).

Anybody want to run my campaign?

  1. Nope. But I’ll vote for you.

  2. Why not? After all, you were Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2006.

    Hey, I’ll run your campaign…

  3. I can head up your Hawaii campaign. You and the family would need to make an appearance out here, though. ;-)

  4. Craig, If you run I might actualy find some point in going to a poll. I was going to say I would run your campaign, but Ed is a much better choice.

    But if you want a political blog, I will give you one at


  5. Okay Craig, I’ll consider voting for you. But first, I need to know where you stand on the issues that are important to us 20-going-on-30-something hipster postmodern voters? (I know, nobody would describe me as “hipster,” but it’s what I aspire to be.)

    1.) Gas prices are bad, but what are you going to do about coffee prices (over $3 for a 12 oz. mocha!!) and movie ticket prices?

    2.) Who was better: James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard?

    3.) Will you support legislation to require MTV to start playing music videos again?

    4.) Will you do something about “illusionist & stunt performer” David Blaine?

    5.) Boxers or briefs?

  6. Let me step in here as Campaign Manager and say that the candidate is not commenting on-record until his press conference, which will be held on the 30th of this month.

    All requests for press passes and advance questions may be directed to the website,, and must be submitted in Turabian style; MLA will be rejected.

  7. Craig, what do you say to one fairly well-known PCA pastor who says (and i am paraphrasing): “if you think of the solution to a problem primarily in terms of an elephant or a donkey, you are too earthly-minded”?

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