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In Politics, Thought on January 15, 2007 at 1:31 pm

Here’s a link (complete with audio, video, and transcription) to one of the greatest speeches ever given in American history. I post and ponder it today to remind myself of how far we have to go in seeing Martin Luther King’s dream (and one of God’s, for that matter) realized.

How long, O Lord? Why is this so hard for us?

  1. Great link. I showed that (or played audio) to my Rhetoric class every year. You need to get this in front of Chris Baker, who has never seen, heard, or read the speech.

  2. Great speech; but, I’m probably less acquainted with his overall body of work and importance in the civil rights movement. I need cable and the History Channel, I think. As for the dream and realizing it sooner, “who knows” (mi-yode’a)?

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