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Merry Christmas to All

In Family, Pop Culture on December 23, 2006 at 10:28 pm

We’re at the grandparents’ in Illinois through Christmas Day, when we’ll then head to Megan‘s sister’s near Kansas City until Wednesday, (finally) finishing moving in at the new place Thursday. We’re 90% there, but that last 10% is always the hardest.

In the meantime, we’re catching up on some sleep and some reading (sans highlighter), and letting the grandparents do their thing with the little ones.

I’m also playing with my parents’ new dog, Annie (a really sweet black lab), enjoying my folks’ new high-speed Internet, and hoping to get some extended time to walk and pray before Monday. It’s good to be home.

Coming soon: my 2006 booklist (with rankings). Look for it Monday or Tuesday.

Merry Christmas.

PS: Pray I can endure the gift exchange(s) with grace. Not real fond of those…

  1. I know what you mean about the big “gift exchange” moments. I really prefer to spread it out rather than one big feeding frenzy. We slowed the pace down a long time ago, letting people “give” their gifts kind of in a round robin kind of way. Or we let whoever gets one, just go get a random gift to present to whomever is on the tag… it still feels more like “giving”. I actually prefer to do it over the course of a couple of days if I could get buy in from everyone – I wanted to “give” some last night!

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