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History in the Making: Our Last Financial Appeal

In Family, Seminary on December 8, 2006 at 2:00 am

December has always been a month of multiple celebrations for Megan and me. For instance:

  • we’ll celebrate 10 years of marriage on the 14th
  • we’ll celebrate Christ’s birthday on the 25th
  • we’ll celebrate our oldest’s eighth birthday on the 29th
  • we’ll celebrate the end of another year on the 31st
  • and every December, we send out our annual year-end appeal, asking for financial help for our ministry

Okay, so that last one is not necessarily cause for great celebration…but it is this year, as this financial appeal will be our last! But, as we have every year, we need to ask for help to finish well this stage of the journey.

We’ve raised money for 13 years. We’ve learned much about depending on God and others, and we’re grateful for those lessons as well as those whom God used to provide for our financial needs over the years. Fundraising has been hard and good at the same time. But it’s time for a change…and we’re making it now.

Over this past summer, we transferred our support from The Navigators to Memorial Church. August was a good start, as donor gifts exceeded our $2,600/month goal, but we have seen giving drop every month since (less than 50% of that goal), and our account is now in deficit.

I know we may not know you, but we’re asking you to pray and be part of a final six-month push of generous giving to fully-fund January-June of 2007. This will enable us to get through our second complete year of seminary with me as a full-time student and prepare us to transition financially from support to other employment by summer.

We’re not sure of all the details just yet, but by God’s grace, we’ll figure them out. For more specifics on what we're asking you to do, click here.

  1. Prayers going your way. I know it doesn’t help much for people to say ‘been there, done that’. However, maybe if you realize that we DID survive – and thrive…
    It only seems yesterday… Tom was taking full load and working full time, (but without ongoing ministry (as in pastoral type) commitments – he did get to be a deacon for that time.) Our kids were smaller, but he doesn’t remember much about them until after Seminary. So, Kudos for going part time school -so that maybe your half pints won’t have to look at a photo to remember their daddy. Tough times. Love you guys. Bunches.

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