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Looking Forward to Christmas

In Seminary on December 5, 2006 at 9:32 pm

It’s been quite a week already and it’s only Tuesday. All semester long, my weeks have been severely front-loaded (i.e. Monday and Tuesday solid with classes, meetings, and teaching responsibilities, evening out over Wednesday and bottoming out by Thursday noon) and I’ve not minded too badly; however, with my headache tonight, I’m not quite as sure.

We’re in the last week of classes and I’m trying to come out of denial long enough to acknowledge the fact that, indeed, it is December. I’m turning in my 10-page genogram paper tomorrow morning (sorry you only got the edited version in previous posts, but I trust you understand), and I hope to get more input on the 5-page concept map project due in Marriage & Family on the last day of finals (the 19th).

Other projects this week include:

  • writing a quiz (for tomorrow) and final exam (for next week) for my high school students at Wildwood, as we finished the entire Israel narrative in the Old Testament yesterday (woo woo)
  • finalizing details and rehearsing various musical numbers for the One Night Under the Star Christmas Banquet this Friday night that I’m co-chairing for the seminary (we have 240 adults and 76 kids signed up)
  • going to more Christmas parties than one should be allowed to be invited to
  • attending a couple of Christmas concerts (Wildwood’s on Thursday and the girls’ concert with the St. Louis Children’s Choir on Saturday)
  • working through and studying about 10 hours’ worth of Hebrew homework in hopes of pulling out a much-needed good grade on the final
  • finishing 35 verses of Greek translation of various New Testament epistles
  • catching up on approximately 400 pages of reading I’m behind on this semester
  • and beginning to grade the ever-growing stack of Pastoral Theology papers (probably over 200 by now) I’m supposed to return by the end of the semester

Oh, and we might be moving before the end of the month…but that’s another blog post.

Someone please tell me they moved Christmas up this year. I think I’m ready.

  1. actually, they moved Christmas back–it’s on a Monday this year; last year it was a Sunday…but hey, that means you have more time, right?

  2. RE: pastoral theology papers– no CTS student worth his/her salt (e.g., who has been paying attention!) expects to get papers back “by the end of the semester” so you’re off the hook, sort of. Given the class, I think most would be ecstatic getting them back by January.

  3. I think I got my pastoral theology paper back about 4 months after I graduated

  4. Hi Craig,

    I just ran into your blog as I was surfing about, and am so happy that now I’ll have a chance to keep tabs on how you and the fam are doing. I’ll pray for you during this tough time in the semester.

    I couldn’t find your email on the page (shows how web saavy I am), but as you have a moment *perhaps after the semester is done (!)* drop me an email and I’d love to give you a quick update on how life is here in bonny Edinburgh with our new son, the work I’m doing, church life etc.

    Grace & peace,

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