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Marriage and Family Paper (part 2)

In Family, Marriage, Seminary on December 2, 2006 at 2:00 am

In beginning this undertaking, I start with me, as I am a physical amassing of many of the emotional, relational, and spiritual accumulations of my family. Who am I, and what questions do the answers raise as to how I have become (for lack of a better word) “me”?

In general, I am a strange combination of tensions that somehow coexist, but only with a fair degree of internal struggle. Often at the same time, I can consistently be both:

  • inspiringly idealistic and critically realistic (often pessimistic)
  • check-for-a pulse rational and out-of-control passionate
  • die-on-a-hill principled and sell-to-the-first-bidder pragmatic
  • high-mindedly moral and flesh-satisfyingly carnal
  • rudely independent and painfully lonely
  • joyfully certain and angrily doubtful
  • faithfully hardworking and selfishly lazy

In considering these traits, many questions come to mind:

  • Have others in my family experienced any of these in the same way that I do?
  • What events and experiences, hopes and disappointments in our shared past have shaped these characteristics?
  • When compared to former generations, is the sum total of any of these traits increasing or decreasing with me, and what role do I have in increasing or decreasing them in the lives of my own children, my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren (i.e. to the third and fourth generation)?
  • To what degree have we as a family dealt with or discussed any of this in the past, and to what extent do we need to, both in the present and in the future?
  • Finally, what has God been doing in our family over time, and how are we to respond now in a way that honors him and each other in the midst of it?


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