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The Blur Is Accurate

In Seminary on October 24, 2006 at 2:00 am


Fall break starts Thursday, and I'm really looking forward to some time off. Not sure where the past week has gone, but it has (gone, that is), and the picture above of one of my Hebrew vocab cards illustrates my blurry perspective on most things right now.

Our plans for the break aren't too exciting: I have a boatload of grading to do for Jerram and some planning for our second Adullam retreat coming up in ten days. I should probably also work on some Hebrew, as I just tanked a big quiz this morning (by the way, the word above is "behold," as in "Behold the Hebrew quiz I just tanked").

Most importantly, though, I want to make sure to get some time with Megan and the girls, and maybe even with God if we can line up schedules (strangely, mine always seems more occupied than his does). Actually, Tychicus' plans sound good, so maybe we'll do something like that.

Some highlights of the past week include:

  • writing/giving/grading my high schoolers' midterm exam (they did okay)
  • taking my General/Pastoral Epistles exam from 5:30-7:30 a.m. (only time I had)
  • spending a couple of hours with Eagle Lake buddy, Jeff Morrison, who was in town
  • developing a mission statement for Covenant's Student Council and beginning to plan the seminary's annual Christmas banquet (oh boy)
  • going with Megan to see Forest Whittaker's amazing performance as Uganda's Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland (wow)
  • helping Jerram move what seemed like 300 plants into his house
  • making S'mores with the girls at a (wet) bonfire for seminary families
  • attending the Friends & Family Concert put on by the St. Louis Children's Choirs (our oldest two are "Music Makers")
  • teaching at Wildwood (we're halfway through 1 Kings now) and at Memorial (it's going to be nice to have a break this Sunday)
  • falling behind in most of the reading for my own classes
  • and watching the Cardinals get into (and win Game 1 of) the World Series

Sorry I'm good for little more than a list or two these past couple of posts, but at least this one came with a picture.

  1. That remark about Jerram’s plants is hilarious. I don’t know Jerram at all, but I remember once in apologetics his asking for a student to take care of a huge quantity of plants while he would be traveling somewhere. Reading about the same unusual thing in a completely different context (I’m far away now, thinking about other things) makes me laugh. And imparts a peaceful sense that all is well and continues as it always has.

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