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In Humanity, Pop Culture on October 19, 2006 at 2:00 am

In the midst of midterms, I had the thought today that there were enough things, ideas, projects, opportunities, and pursuits swirling around me for which I have very specific and deep hopes. And, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to record some of them. I'm not sure how interesting this may be, but you're welcome to add your own list of hopes to mine.

By God's grace,

  • I have hope (though there's not much left after tonight's loss) that the Cardinals can pull out the NLCS to get into the World Series. That would be fun and cool for the girls and me, as they are getting into baseball more and more with each game we watch or listen to together.
  • I have hope for Memorial as well as Covenant's Student Council (of which I'm an elected "middler representative"), that my efforts to help others lead will free them from a lack of confidence and conviction in their leadership.
  • I have hope for our family (both immediate and extended), that what I'm learning in my Marriage and Family Counseling class will enable me to be just a little better member of both.
  • I have hope for my girls, that they would somehow grow up with an unbelievable amount of security and a minimal amount of scarring despite the fact that I am their father.
  • I have hope for Megan and me, that we can continue to grow together and let go of any grief we've dealt with in the first almost-ten years of our marriage. It's hardly been tons, but it's been enough.
  • I have hope for another two-and-a-half good years here at Covenant, that we could learn much and apply even more, both now and later.
  • I have hope that we can somehow pay for school (and everything else). I also have hope of somehow paying for four weddings one day, and even more hope that the girls will want to double-up so we'll only have to pay for two.
  • I have hope of a pastoring/teaching role being both available and begging me to fill it. I don't really care where we end up, but I suppose I do secretly hope it's in the Midwest – I like it here.
  • I have hope to keep our family's farm in the family at least through my lifetime.
  • I have hope of graduating from seminary with spunk (and not just a degree).
  • I have hope of one day writing another book…on something.
  • I have hope of being secure if I never do (write another book, that is).
  • I have hope of being in the presence of God forever and not doubting that I belong because of Jesus.
  • I have hope of always having hope.

For those who know me, you know I'm hardly an optimist; I'm more of a pessimistic-idealist.

Enjoy it while you can.

  1. Way to go on getting your first hope accomplished (can you get hopes accomplished?)!!!
    Thought of you when I was watching the news. :)

  2. I hope to be able to be a part of some of those. I at least call dibs on helping to maintain the spunk.

  3. I still have hope the Cardinals can WIN the W.S., even after tonight’s depressing performance. As well as Rogers pitched, they had chances and blew them.
    Wilson and Encarnacion have got to be yanked, in favor of Spiezeio and Duncan. I don’t care how brutal Duncan is in the field–the man can rake.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Nick. Wilson swings at anything and Encarnacion is either really on or really off (and so far, he’s been really off). It’s great to see a little more life out of Rolen so far in the Series, and I’m still waiting for Albert to really wake up.
    Now that we have a pitching staff again (which is refreshing), we need more offense. At least that’s what I’ll tell Tony when he calls later today to ask me what I think.

  5. Regarding the whole paying-for-the-weddings thing… Now’s the time to convince your girls that an afternoon wedding with tea and cake is just as lovely an evening wedding with a buffet, bar, and band. Or, suggest the Amish BYOC (bring your own casserole) route. And here’s hoping they can recycle wedding dresses.

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