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Holding Our Collective Breath for the Redbirds

In Places & Spaces, Sports on September 30, 2006 at 9:02 pm


My oldest and I went to our last Cards game of the season on Thursday night, during which something (barely) resembling baseball was played by the home team. I’m not kidding: it was the worst major league game I’ve ever watched in person, as the Brewers beat the Birds, 9-4.

On Friday night, my sister, Jamie, and her family came down from Illinois to see the Cards whup up on Milwaukee, 10-5, complete with (another) Pujols homerun and a crowd that actually had a pulse after Albert resuscitated them. Jamie’s family stayed with us last night after the game and, while I was a little jealous, I tried not to let it show.

Today, my second-born and I watched on TV the Cards beat (barely) the Brewers, 3-2, thanks to Scott Spiezio’s bases-clearing triple in the bottom of the eighth and Jeff Suppan’s solid pitching performance. (Note: I have no idea what La Russa was thinking unintentionally/intentionally walking the eighth batter to make the Brewers pull their pitcher for a pinch-hitter, who then promptly knocked in two runs. I like Tony, but sometimes I think he overthinks things.)

And now, I’m checking to see if the Braves finished off the Astros for us so we can rest Chris Carpenter on Sunday and save him for Tuesday night’s first game of the playoffs against the Dodgers/Padres (if we make it that far) instead of having to clinch this silly division tomorrow.

Geez. You would think I’m a fan or something.

  1. It’s official: Astros beat the Braves, 5-4. Looks like Carp goes tomorrow and we hope Houston loses. According to the MLB website:

    “If the Astros were to win Sunday, and the Cardinals were to lose on Sunday, a Monday makeup game on Sunday of a rained-out game against the Giants would be played at St. Louis. If the Astros were to win out and the Cardinals were to lose their next two, both would finish with 83-79 records, forcing a playoff game on Tuesday.”

    If it goes that far and we lose that one, we really don’t deserve any more chances than we’ve already had.

    Nuts. Jokin’ Cardinals.

  2. But if the Astros lose, my nephews will be crushed beyond belief. They have painted their bathroom Astros red and wear their Bagwell and Biggio jerseys on a daily basis. My sister actually flew the kids from LA to Houston to see an Astros game (which they lost horribly to the Cards). This would be the problem with sports: Either a 35-year-old grown man or an 8-year-old boy is going to have their hopes dashed. The real question is: Who is going to handle their disappointment better?

  3. Disappointment is part of life, Chels, so here would be a good opportunity for your nephews (enabling mother and all) to experience some in preparation for adulthood.

    I can quit anytime.

  4. Ya, ya, ya when you’re a dedicated Cubs fan I’ll give you a shoulder to cry on :) Until then….see ya next season.

    And I’m NOT bitter.

  5. All’s well in Redbird land, though it’s hard to really celebrate clinching the division while losing your last regular season game (weird). La Russa’s decision to save Carpenter for Tuesday paid off – a gutsy move that ended up being a good one.

    Weaver and Suppan should round out the rotation (with Reyes available, despite the dismal outing today). Keep Marquis as a very last resort (at least that’s what I suggested to Tony when he called to ask me what I thought)…

  6. Well only goes to show you that The Brew Crew has still got a little umph left in em… never, never, ever, bet against the Cheesehead State!

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