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Learner the Emotional Adolescent

In Thought on September 5, 2006 at 7:48 pm

Learner just took the Emotional/Spiritual Health Inventory from Peter Scazzero’s book, The Emotionally Healthy Church, which he is reading for his Marriage and Family Counseling class. According to the test (as found on pages 60-66 in the book), Learner says he’s an official “emotional adolescent” (as opposed to an emotional infant, child, or adult), the definition of which is:

“Like a physical adolescent, I know the right ways I should behave in order to ‘fit in’ mature, adult society. I can feel threatened and alarmed inside when I am offered constructive criticism, quickly becoming defensive. I subconsciously keep records on the love I give out, so I can ask for something in return at a later time. When I am in conflict, I might admit some fault in the matter, but I will insist on demonstrating the guilt of the other party, proving why they are more to blame. Because of my commitment to self-survival, I have trouble really listening to another person’s pain, disappointments, or needs without becoming preoccupied with myself.”

I assured him that, while there may be a few true themes, the results weren’t quite as overarchingly accurate as he perhaps thought. He conceded my point, saying that in a few categories (looking beneath the surface, breaking the power of the past, living in brokenness and vulnerability), he actually scored on the low end of adulthood.

“Not bad for a 35-year-old,” he said.

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