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Nation of Israel (in a Semester)

In Wildwood on August 28, 2006 at 12:14 pm

As promised (and after way too much time spent on it – i.e. since the end of July), here’s the plan for the fall Bible class I’m teaching at Wildwood Christian School. The class begins this afternoon. If you’ve got nothing better to do the next four months, why not study along with us?

The intent of Wildwood’s Bible class is to be a stand-alone study and support apologetic for Wildwood’s Humanities class, which this year is studying Antiquity – the development of civilization from the Flood to the Incarnation. By comparing various ancient civilizations, their structures, governments, arts, significant figures, and religious practices with those of ancient Israel, we will trace Israel’s development from a loose confederation of tribes to a monarchy to a divided monarchy to the dispersion throughout Persia.

This study will include various internal and external historical touchstones (Mesopotamian leaders/events, Egyptian leaders/events), as well as key aspects of the Covenant and Israel’s growing (or declining) relationship with God, understanding why Israel was (and was to be) different from other civilizations. In addition, the class will have as its secondary purpose establishing some fundamentals of Bible study. We will briefly discuss the basics of hermeneutical methods, but will primarily achieve this goal through the practice and usage of methods and principles, honing our skills as well use them.

1M, 8/28: Overview/Expectations/Syllabus/Q&A/Approaching the Scriptures
1W, 8/30: Understanding Literary/Historical Context; Analyzing Narrative; Developing Themes; Making Application
Have read: “Observing What Is There” by Daniel M. Doriani (handout)
Have skimmed: Genesis 12-25
Reflection Paper #1 Assigned

Origins and Exodus of Israel
2M, 9/4: No class – Labor Day
2W, 9/6: Patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph; Emancipation – Moses, Pharaoh, Passover, Sinai (Genesis-Exodus)
Have read/skimmed: Genesis 26-50; Exodus 1-20:21
Reflection Paper #1 Due

Instruction of Israel
3M, 9/11: Quiz #1/Wanderings and Preparation
Have read/skimmed: Exodus 23:20-24:18; 32-34; Numbers 1-14; 20:2-13;
27:12-23; 33:50-56
Have memorized: Ten Commandments (see Exodus 20:1-11)

3W, 9/13: Worship and Offerings
Have read: Deuteronomy 1-18
Have skimmed: Leviticus 1-10

Instruction of Israel
4M, 9/18: Law and Justice
Have read: Deuteronomy 19-26
Have skimmed: Leviticus 11-24

4W, 9/20: Covenant and Jubilee
Have read: Deuteronomy 27-34
Have skimmed: Leviticus 25-27
Research Paper Assigned

Premonarchic Israel
5M, 9/25: Canaan Occupation
Have read/skimmed: Joshua
5W, 9/27: Judges
Have read/skimmed: Judges
Reflection Paper #2 Assigned

United Monarchy
6M, 10/2: Quiz #2/Samuel, Saul, David
Have read/skimmed: 1 Samuel
6W, 10/4: David
Have read/skimmed: Ruth, 2 Samuel 1-1 Kings 2:12
Reflection Paper #2 Due

United Monarchy
7M, 10/9: No class – Columbus Day
7W, 10/11: Solomon
Have read/skimmed: 1 Kings 2:13-11:43

8M, 10/16: Review
8W, 10/18: Midterm

Division of the Monarchy/Kingdom
9M, 10/23: Jeroboam-Rehoboam
Have read/skimmed: 1 Kings 11-14
9W: 10/25: Abijah-Ahab, Amos
Have read/skimmed: 1 Kings 15-16:28; Amos

Kings and Prophets
10M, 10/30: Quiz #3/Ahab, Elijah
Have read/skimmed: 1 Kings 16:29-22
10W, 11/1: Ahaziah, Elisha
Have read/skimmed: 2 Kings 1-8
Research Paper Due

Kings and Prophets
11M, 11/6: Student Presentations/Jehu-Athalia
Have read/skimmed: 2 Kings 9:16-11:20
11W, 11/8: Student Presentations/Joash-Hoshea
Have read/skimmed: 2 Kings 11:21-17:41; Jonah; Micah

Kings and Prophets
11M, 11/13: Student Presentations/Hezekiah
Have read/skimmed: 2 Kings 18-20; Isaiah
11W, 11/15: Student Presentations/Manasseh-Amon
Have read/skimmed: 2 Kings 21; Hosea; Obadiah; Micah; Nahum

12M, 11/20: Student Presentations/Josiah-Zedekiah
Have read/skimmed: 2 Kings 22-25; Zephaniah; Habakkuk
12W, 11/22: Student Presentations/Kings Review
Have read/skimmed: None

Exile Among the Nations
13M, 11/27: Quiz #4/Babylon
Have read/skimmed: Joel, Ezekiel
13W, 11/29: Persia
Have read/skimmed: Daniel; Zechariah; Haggai; Malachi
Reflection Paper #3 Assigned

14M, 12/4: Glory Days Revisited
Have read/skimmed: 1 Chronicles
14W, 12/6: Divided Days Revisited
Have read/skimmed: 2 Chronicles; Jeremiah; Lamentations
Reflection Paper #3 Due

15M, 12/11: Review
15W, 12/13: Final

Overall Workload
• Four quizzes
• Three 1-page reflection papers
• One 5-page (11th-12th graders)/3-page (9th-10th graders) research paper/presentation
• One written mid-term
• One oral group final
• Weekly Bible readings

  1. You so want to be a professor!

  2. Wow–Abraham to Sinai in one day! I guess you have to be tenacious to tackle OT history in one semester. I bet it’ll be a great class.

  3. Jo, I only posted half of the 6-page syllabus I created for the class (you can imagine the students’ eyes this afternoon when I presented it to them). I so love a good syllabus (and they will, too, I hope).

    Yes, Nick, I feel silly even pretending I can do any kind of justice to the topic at hand in the allotted time. I’m having to remind myself that it’s an “overview” class, but even then it seems awful quick. Things slow down to a more reasonable pace after the Exodus, but that particular day is going to be a hummer.

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