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Stop Doing List

In Pop Culture on August 17, 2006 at 7:17 am

I like lists. One of the more helpful lists I periodically create is a “stop doing” list, which catalogs a few (or a lot) of things that, over time, I find myself doing that I don’t need to be doing anymore. These lists can be very practical (stop checking email every five minutes) or more topic-driven (ten things to stop doing with regard to busy-ness, i.e. the list below).

This list is not new (I’ve used it at least a dozen times over the past five years in talks I’ve given on time management – which is really priority management, but that’s another post). Granted, this list (as is true of all lists) is a little imperative-heavy, but I bring it out today because, as Bono once said, “You preach what you need to hear” (yes, it’s been one of those weeks). Enjoy.

  1. Stop whining about being so busy. No one wants to hear it and it’s probably not that tremendously interesting to anyone but you.
  2. Stop believing that you can have it all. You can’t, so you’ll have to choose what you want to have instead.
  3. Stop ignoring the Fourth Commandment. True, the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath, but you’re not even close to violating that, so stop pretending.
  4. Stop feeling guilty about not being able to help everyone for every reason. Jesus is the Savior; you are not.
  5. Stop being so lazy. There’s very little on television (or the Internet) really worth viewing, so why spend hours trying to find it?
  6. Stop refusing to delegate to others. They may want to (or need to learn to ask for) help.
  7. Stop letting yourself get overburdened and overworked. Cars were made to be driven; you were not.
  8. Stop believing the lie that you are important because of all you do; rather, learn to believe you are important because of all Jesus did.
  9. Stop wearing a watch (at least on your wrist). Make access to a timepiece a little more complicated and you might stop looking at it as much as you would otherwise.
  10. Stop letting unhappy, busy people speak into your life. Why let them make you into who they are?
  1. good list…
    I like #3, I need #5

  2. Ah, the sweet sting of conviction.

    Do you recommend your list to everyone when you speak on priority management or do you recommend we make our own?

  3. Jared, after some biblical exposition and a few notable quotables on the “why” of beating busy-ness by rethinking one’s priorities, these are usually the top ten things I share (and then illustrate) as application.

    Whether it’s on this topic or just in general, I do recommend making your own list(s). It’s a good way to make that “sweet sting of conviction” even “sweeter still.”

  4. this is great! thanks for putting this into words.

  5. this is a great list! i need it for myself especially…and to pass on. thanks. martha

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