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Live at The Matthews Chapel

In Books, Internet, Musicians, Places & Spaces, Thought on August 16, 2006 at 8:33 am

travers-at-chapel.jpgcaleb-at-chapel.jpg Here are two posters I created for my friend, Caleb Travers, who along with Jude, is playing Memorial‘s Matthews Chapel this coming Saturday evening, August 19th. Caleb and Jude write and sing songs about life, love, and other various and sundry “l” words guaranteed to be important to most all of us.

Influences include Lucinda Williams, Derek Webb, Josh Rouse, Lostline, Coldplay, Wilco, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Joseph Arthur, Jeff Tweedy, Aaron Vaught, Ryan Adams, Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, Bono, and Jim James.

The show starts at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7:45) and is free to all. If you’re in town, come on out.

One more event this coming weekend for those in St. Louis: Sunday is the last day for the Centering on the Grand exhibition, which explores the creative and cultural district of St. Louis known as Grand Center. The exhibit takes place at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and we may try to go – it looks pretty neat.

For some content today, there are several new book reviews of late (one of which is mine) up at Writers Read. Also, check out this very interesting (and long) piece in The Atlantic Monthly about the history of Wikipedia entitled “The Hive: How an Attempt to Build an Online Encyclopedia Touched Off History’s Biggest Experiment in Collaborative Knowledge”.

Just another reminder there are a whole lot of people a whole lot smarter than I in the world…

  1. …a whole lot smarter than me in the world…

  2. I think it can be either, can’t it? “A whole lot smarter than I (am) in the world.” Regardless, I think the point gets made (if not exploited thanks to certain grammar Nazis named Nick).

  3. You guys had to go and do it didn’t you? Dr. Grammar to the rescue:

    Than I/ than me?
    “She is tougher than I.” / “She is tougher than me.” “She plays as well as I.” / “She plays as well as me.” Correct: “She is tougher than I (am).” “She plays as well as I (do).”

  4. yes, both are correct…I hope you know I was being ironical

  5. Alway, Nick. Always.

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