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When Was the Last Time…?

In Pop Culture on August 9, 2006 at 2:00 am

Here's a short creative thinking exercise I came up with about ten years ago. I still like it.

When was the last time…

…you thought of how you do something as an art form?
…you needed more than 256 colors to describe what you saw?
…you got frustrated by the limits of the English language to describe what you thought?
…there wasn't enough paper on the flip chart to contain your latest idea?
…you listened to Mozart really loud (and conducted)?
…you wondered what life would be like to lose your sight? your hearing? your ideas?
…you tried to feel your right brain thinking about the color blue?
…you tried to feel your left brain remembering what 12X12 is?
…you dreamt a dream at night that you will never forget?
…you thought about what a soundtrack to your life might sound like?
…you were so excited about an idea that you forgot to eat?
…you promised yourself you wouldn't listen to the lie that you're not creative?
…you prayed to be more creative?
…you studied the creativity of God?
…you realized being creative was not only for artists and political spin-doctors?
…you wondered how every person ever created could be unique from everyone else?
…you believed God still has a gazillion ideas he is just waiting for you to think into existence?

Feel free to add your own "When was the last time…?" question. I'd be glad to expand the list.

  1. …you laughed so hard that you cried?

  2. when was the last time you saw gummy leave the beach?

  3. … the last time you cried so hard you laughed?

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