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Summer Regrets, Accomplishments

In Thought on August 7, 2006 at 6:31 pm

After struggling with/suffering through Hebrew this summer (and only then to a point of auditing rather than passing), Learner is again refreshed by the breath of fresh air that is non-grammatical in nature, namely the Pastoral Theology intensive he started this morning. Learner so loves classes like this – one where verb forms and conjugations barely enter the fray – and he’s looking forward to soaking up the next nine days of three-hour intensives of pure, unadulterated ideas, concepts, and applications.

While he didn’t do so well in Hebrew, he did do well in plowing through the five books of required reading for the Pastoral Theology class, even getting three of the four reflection papers written ahead of time. This has allowed him time to really think through the content of the books and live with the material a bit going into the class, a fact he’s glad for. Thought not suceeding in Hebrew is a big regret, faithfully getting the reading done for Pastoral Theology was an accomplishment of the summer.

Other regrets/accomplishments? Both words may be a little strong for the following lists, but the things that he says come to mind are:


Not exercising more and losing some weight (he makes it to the YMCA about once a week, but that doesn’t do much)
– Not getting to know more people from church (he got to know a few better, but not a lot a little more)
Not listening to new music more critically (it’s been a long, long time since he’s been able to do that)
– Not seeing Les Miserables when it came through town on its closing tour (though he did see Phantom)
Not reading more fiction (for obvious reasons – see above)
Not reading the Bible more consistently and devotionally (he’s not sure why, but this is just not happening)


Making it an official year in the apartment as a family (without driving each other completely crazy)
– Trusting God for both a new job and car for the fall (and seeing God graciously provide both)
Getting to know a few profs better (and being asked by two of them to serve as a teaching assistant)
– Teaching child #2 to ride a bike
– Continuing to deal actively with others as to his sin
– Beginning to understand and (sometimes) seeming to grow in grace and the gospel (with which he once felt bored)

He’s still very glad and very content to be here and grateful to God for all that he’s teaching him and all that’s he’s learning.

I’m glad as well – a year or so ago, I wasn’t sure we’d still be here.


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