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In Musicians on July 20, 2006 at 9:18 pm

b6_1_bjpg.jpgPardon the obvious narcissism, but this one hurts a bit.

Evidently, a copy of my 1995 album is for sale on eBay.

Only $9.99. Here’s another for $29.98, which is more like it.

If enough – say 10 or so – comment sympathetically for the sake of my bruised ego at this commodification, I’ll post some tracks you can enjoy/mock here. I can be bought in more ways than one…

  1. I still think you’re cool.

  2. Take heart in the fact that if, er when, your album is on iTunes, it’ll probably get $9.90 there. Just like most of the other top-selling albums!

    The fact that you’re posting lets me know that you were not injured in the damaged press box at Busch Stadium last night.

  3. I’m just wondering, how did you happen to see this? I self-titled search or a rib-poking friend? Hmmm, maybe I should see what I could get for your 1993 Dogfight over Eagle Lake CD. I just sold my old back issues of Discipleship Journal for $60, and they sold in less than two hours. Ebay is a great way to get emergency cash.

  4. It’s a rough room here in the blogosphere.

  5. I’m even cooler, because I still have my copy. And the other album you did.

    That’s right, maybe I’ll be the first to upload some dunham gold.

    The nineties were awesome.

  6. I have this album,too! You rock, Craig. :O)

  7. I still have mine too! Actually, I even still have “Its a Jungle Out There.” Only wish now that I’d gotten your autograph on the covers. :0)Unfortunately, the only CD i have in these is the RLE — all others are tapes!

  8. I found one of my earlier books on Ebay as a “collector’s item”… $41. .. And I have about 200 of them here in a box. ..@ $10

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