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Friday Round-Up

In Thought on July 14, 2006 at 9:14 am

Just a short post as to pseudo-monumental events of the past week:

Learner continues to improve his score on the third version of the seminary’s mandatory Bible content exam, this time missing the pass mark by only two points (103 out of 150 – the required pass mark is 105). He has one last chance next month to pass the exam before having to sign up for the year-long course, so he’s hopeful (though he feels like he missed his best chance so far, as this version of the exam seemed the easiest of the three).

After Hebrew on Monday night, Learner participated in his friend Rob‘s sometimes-monthly poker tournament. Such an appearance is not all that significant, save for the fact that Learner actually drank an entire bottle of beer (his first in its entirety, ever). This, despite playing lousy poker for 4-5 hands, seemed to redeem the evening (albeit, in a junior high kind of way, Learner said), and he has encouraged Rob to keep the empty bottle on a shelf with a plaque underneath to commemorate the accomplishment.

It’s the little things that motivate him these days, he says.


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