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Assorted Weekend Links

In Thought on July 8, 2006 at 2:00 am

A couple of random links for your Saturday enjoyment (or endurance, whichever applies):

My good friend, Ed Eubanks (jack of all trades, master of most), is chief cook and bottle-washer of a book review site he started called Writers Read. He's invited some new writers to join his ranks and somehow I made the cut. My review of Bono (in Conversation with Michka Assayas) is up if you'd like to drop by and check it out.

rle-98.jpgTo my surprise (and as a result of Ed's introduction on the review site), I woke up this morning to a nice comment from one Jared Olivetti – husband of Lisa, father of three, planting pastor of many in Indiana, and back in the day, one rocking guitar player with a goatee to die for. While I'm sure he still rocks on guitar, I have actual downloadable proof he did, as Jared and I were in the same band (Red Letter Edition) at Eagle Lake (click the pic for a retro look, circa 1998). Suffice it to say, we rocked (or thought we did).

Finally (and since we're still in the Random category), here's my new favorite baseball site, an incredibly in-depth Cardinals blog called Viva El Birdos (okay, so his statistics are better than his Spanish). I don't know the guy, but I am impressed both by his analysis of the numbers as well as the time he must spend doing it. For what it's worth (and if you really want to know why baseball is a thinker's game), stop by and scroll.

That's it. Leave a comment, spread the word about Second Drafts, and enjoy your weekend.


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