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Of Frisbee Golf and Grace

In Thought on July 6, 2006 at 2:39 pm

For the fifth time in five days, Learner has just seen the same five male students playing Frisbee Golf across the small seminary campus. Learner says he can’t help wondering 1) what they’re taking a break from; 2) if they’re taking a break from anything; and 3) if they’re not taking a break from anything, how can they justify to themselves playing Frisbee Golf FIVE DAYS IN A ROW! (Learner’s emphasis added)

Perhaps Learner’s struggles are just leftover residue from the works-based streak he has been trying to rid himself of for the past twenty years. He says, however, that Frisbee Golf is not what he had in mind as being God’s means of grace to him and his condition.


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