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One Year Ago This Week

In Thought on June 23, 2006 at 6:49 pm

One year ago this week, I, Tychicus, began chronicling the life and times of Learner for all to read. It’s been quite an experiment, one that I have relished despite Learner’s perpetual rolling of his eyes at my enthusiasm for his seminary plight. Deep down, I think he likes having his thoughts (random and otherwise) out there for others to read, but he would probably never do something like this himself.

At least if he has, I don’t know about it.

In thinking through this past year, the temptation is to look back and reflect, but Learner has asked that I not do that as, he says, “Nostalgia is a form of mental illness.” As Mrs. Learner has accused him of being so reminisciently sick at various times since movng back to the Midwest, Learner suggested we consider the future and leave the past (at least for now) behind.

However, in considering topics for such posts, neither one of us had much of an idea as to what we should include. So, I turn to you, dear reader (if indeed you are there and dear), and ask you for your opinion. Is there any particular question or direction you would offer as to how to proceed from here? Any thought as to where to go? Anything you are just dying to know?

As it’s been a year, I’ve finally turned the comments on and would encourage you to make your voice heard, even if it’s the silliest or most serious of postings. And, if there are no postings to be shared, perhaps I’ll take that as a sign that my work here is done.

Our fate is in your fingers, dear reader. Speak and we shall listen…

  1. placing your fate in my fingers is quite a dangerous thing to do. i have no thoughts about the future at this time. i’ve enjoyed what you have been doing so i guess my advice is to keep on keepin on.i think this is the second time i got to be the first comment on a blog. yesss!

  2. When I finally have the ability to comment, I have nothing substantial to say, except keep posting. It has been a joy.

  3. oh, dear! don’t let go now! it has already been a year? it seems like a few days, hours even. my how time flies when you are with the one you love. please, please do not leave me, beloved tyticus.

  4. keep posting.

  5. you can’t won them all

  6. i think your blog is to reactionary

  7. for what it’s worth, i disagree with anthony.

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