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Spring Grades and Such

In Thought on June 13, 2006 at 10:11 am

Still no word on the results of the Bible Content exam, but Learner wasn’t too worried about that last night as he was taking his first of three Hebrew quizzes – in the first fifteen minutes of class!

Thankfully (though slowly), he did well and remembered 95% of what he had crammed into his head as it relates to Hebrew consonants, vowels, and syllabification. He thinks he may have more of an initial crush on Hebrew than he did Greek last summer, but pulling his vocab cards out this morning, he says it’s hardly love.

In other academic news, Learner got his spring grades back:

Apologetics & Outreach: A
Covenant Theology: A
God & Humanity: A-
Elementary Homiletics: B+
Gospels: B

All seemed according to what he thought he’d earned, but he was disappointed (though not at all surprised) by his homiletics score. Unfortunately, while he prepared and gave good messages, he didn’t jump through enough “hoops of structure” pushed in the course, and probably got what he deserved (though not what he agreed with).

Like that’s never happened before, he says…


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